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    Artmaking is my microscope and my scalpel: the tool I use to investigate the huma/animal body through sensation and imagination.

    My recent work draws upon the internal ecosystems of the microbiome, the altered geology of the Anthropocene, and the colony structures of social insects to propose speculative models that move between the emotional architecture of our own bodies and the layered histories of the world we inhabit. Using pigment and paper to explore the fragile but flexible nature of these interconnected systems makes sense to me, whether it’s through the layered illogic of collage or the immersive qualities of large-scale painting and installation.

    Such inquiry must incorporate the experiences of others if it is to evolve. Embedded in my artistic practice is an exchange between individuals and communities that extends from the fictional to lived experiences and experiments. My speculative work in the studio continues to evolve through projects and publications developed in collaboration with rural teenagers, an international community of artists raising children, and with scholars at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, whose deep knowledge of biology, physics, and history informs my imagery and ideas.