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  • Re:Production Desktop Icons:
    Download these Icons here

    These custom desktop icons come from the Re:Production series, including the self-cloning peach aphid woman, parasitic mite-mama, ribbon-festooned teratoma, and a pre-teen in a petri dish. Collect all four!

    Small Science Minizines
    Small Science Minizines:
    Print, Fold, and Read!

    Created in collaboration with astrophysicist Jeff Oishi (spirals) and biologist Andrew Yang (snake legs) these little brochures borrow from the visual language of religious tracts to disseminate educational information about science to the public. Produced as part of the Small Science Collective.

    Download the zines for yourself as printable PDFs:

    Snake Legs and Wisdom Teeth (evolution)
    Endless Spirals (spiral structures in nature)


    More free stuff coming soon!

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    There will be more free items here in the future. In the meantime, stop by the SHOP to order zines, artist books, prints, and other affordable multiples.

Snakelegs Zine spirals minizine