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    front cover
  • I Feel You, 2014
    risograph and xerox on paper

    This zine is a collaboration and an artist-made book meant to be completed by you.

    I Feel You began as a workshop and a conversation considering contemporary definitions of ‘home’ and the emotional architecture of the human body. What makes a place or a person feel like home? In trying to define this for ourselves we identified familiar sounds, mess and disorder, a specific sense of light, inner calm, partners and children, customized dressing rooms, and the portable comfort of our smartphone home screens. The ideas generated during the initial workshop have turned into questions for further investigation.

    Each page is made to be written in, cut up, filled with color, collage and drawing. 24 pages, 11" x 8.5" saddle-stitched, with an attached sticker sheet of curated clip art. Edition of 75.

    Available for a limited time in the multiples shop.