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  • Center for Pragmatic Optimism, 2016
    cut paper, LED lights, slide projector, research materials, chalkboard, audio

    An architectural space is cast on the wall from a cutout structure. Slides of of constructions dedicated to creative collectives and utopian plans that engage care work are projected into a window of the shadow building. A nearby table is stacked with research materials referencing science fiction, adventure playgrounds, activist projects, and the female run social structures of wasps, ants, and bees suggest sources that might direct us toward alternate ways to imagine communities of the future. Overhead, a recording plays a condensed narration of Model for a Qualitative Society, a treatise written by artist Palle Nielsen in 1968 to accompany his gigantic adventure playground installation at the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, in which children were invited to climb, jump, build, decorate and destroy the space without adult intervention. This text serves here as a bridge between my own activist work as an artist mother and the imaginative spaces suggested through my studio practice.